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A Quick Bio

Thanos Doumanis
Front-end Web Development & Design

Hi, my name is Thanos and I’m a Front End Web Developer who loves to build websites and Apps. I’m passionate about computers and technology while design and photography is my way of expression.

I've studied Computer Science in the University of Portsmouth and Web Development in the University of Athens. Got my knowledge of Graphics Design in Akto (UK affiliated college) and I keep my brain busy and engaged, by learning new technologies through e-learning platforms.

I've worked as a web developer many years (freelance, associate or in-house), among other positions, and I love combining it with my interest in usability and design, in order to make web applications that are user friendly and captivating at the same time. I like being a team-member and that is the preferred working environment for me. I know quite well my way around sales, teaching and delivering presentations, while I'm keen on keeping everything organized.

Lover of my Macbook Pro and the Apple ecosystem (certified support specialist) and also very interested in Linux (LPI certified). Nevertheless my custom-built, overcklocked, Windows PC is always available aside my desk, as I need a place for my video games!

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Important Skills

These are some of my skills, but l like to constantly update them and learn new things.


JS / jQuery



Angular 4

Mongo DB




Linux / CLI







My Work

Recent Project Samples & Demos

project photo
Member Manager
Angular app with Firebase.
Ask for credentials.
project photo
Ad agency website. GRAV cms.
project photo
Topos Renovation
Landscaping website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Blue Sails
Travel website with booking. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Germanos Heart Rate
Meteor app with MongoDB.
project photo
Rib travel website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Grab that Deal
Cosmote promotional webapp. PHP and MySql.
project photo
Stergiou MD
Medical website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Brand Samsara
Sell seconhand brand clothes. Shopify cms.
project photo
Ron VIP Transfers
VIP car rental services with booking. GRAV cms.
project photo
Gikas Holidays Club
Accommodation and camping. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Greek Tolkien Society
Blog / magazine website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
The Bardesses
Original logo and business card
project photo
A game made with javascript and jQuery.
project photo
Sioulas MD
Medical website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
The prancing pony
Business card & bookmark for Greek Tolkien Society.
project photo
GI Endoscopy
Medical website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Likno wine
Wine bottle label. Submited for a contest and won.
Older samples..
project photo
Business website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Technical services website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Ioannis Kantounakis
Medical website. Wordpress cms.
project photo
Import company.
project photo
Hair and makeup artist workshop.
project photo
Construction compnay.
project photo
Law firm website. HTML with JS.


Online Album

Taking photos is as much fun as editing them.
I can spend hours tweeking with Lightroom and I often shoot and create my own images for the websites I build, just like this one.

You can follow me on 500px and find more.

Contact me

Interested to hear from you!

Sent me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

thanos @ doumanis.com

Contact me

My tools of choice

Website was created using bootstrap. Plus some help from the Slick slider.

Everything else was coded with HTML5 and CSS3. The use of JavaScript and JQuery was necessary and also some PHP was needed for the contact form.

Fonts by Google fonts as always and the icons by Fonts Awesome Pro 5 and Pictonic.

All images were shot and edited by me (all rights reserved). My Fuji X20 is always handy and ready for the everyday tasks.

Everything was put together on my trusted MacBook Pro :-)

  • Wireframe design and graphics editing in Sketch and Photoshop.
  • Coded on Code and Sublime text editors.
  • Code kit helped with the development and optimization.
  • Original logo created in Illustrator.
  • Lightroom was used for developing the images.
  • Web hosting from Hawk Host.
  • SSL and DNS by CloudFlare.
  • Version control by Bitbucket and GitKraken.
  • Project planing with todoist.
  • Mind mapping with Simple Mind for iPad.